Mark Your Calendar

2 11 2008

For those of you who love giveaways, and who doesn’t, mark your calendar for November 11th as my friends at Type-A Mom embark on the 12 days of giveaways. Details to come on the site, as well as on twitter. Without giving away too many details (not in the holiday spirit, you know!), I will say that the prizes are FABULOUS and you really should check them out!

Meanwhile, if you have not already voted, do I really have to remind you to do so? Join in the festivities!

If only the election could be solved with a “simple” dance competition! I have a feeling that it will be an ugly fight to the end, but I will be interested to watch it unravel. Besides, if the swing states need any extra persuasion, might I suggest the Paso Doble as a tie-breaker? I can just see McCain and Obama suiting up in their matador costumes. I think you can guess who’s got my vote in that competition.

Whatever your convictions, check out Vote Smart before you head to the polls, so you, too, can be an informed voter. Just vote, mmmmmkay?




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