Narrowing it Down

20 10 2008

So, ladies and gentlemen, we are getting closer to selecting a costume for Saturday’s party. It is down to Caribou Barbie…

or a muse from Xanadu…

So, here is what I’m thinking:

Caribou Barbie is NOT an homage to Sarah Palin. Literally, I would be Caribou Barbie, complete with pink cammo, jeans tucked into impractical high-heeled boots, pink sunglasses, and possibly, a cute pink bag.

Xanadu Muse is definitely a nod to my old college friend, Danny, who received a Tony nomination for his choreography for the Broadway musical “Xanadu.” (I was his first experiment with choreography back when we were juniors in college. He tried to put together a duet to a song called “Vienna,” which was lovely and sweet, but I didn’t have time for all of the rehearsals since I had just started working overnights at my first radio job, and had to disappoint my dear friend by dropping out of the number). Anyway, for the costume, I’m leaning toward jeans, a glittery halter top, feathered hair and, if the Gods smile upon me, roller skates.

Decisions, decisions!

And, Jim, I’m assuming the suggestion of a sexy nurse costume is for Hubs, right?


Comin’ To Getcha!

5 09 2008

While I know that I’m no trendsetter when it comes to fashion, I can’t help but notice certain looks that are just plain wrong. And, of course, I am very free with the snark, much to the chagrin of Hubs. As a public service, I feel that I must bring certain offenses to the collective conscience before issuing citations, so let the bashing begin!

  • When you work in a law firm, no matter how hot your dinner date later that evening is, it is never appropriate to wear a cocktail dress to work. For example, there is a law firm in my building that employs a rather voluptuous woman. Tuesday, she came to work in a black cocktail dress, complete with a flared skirt, plunging neckline, and low back. It does not matter how hot it is during the day, or how hot your companion at night is. These are a few things that should never be seen in the office. EVER!
  • That same woman came to work in a fitted football jersey a few days later. Mind you that she has generous proportions, as many women do, which is why she would have been much better served with a jersey that skimmed her curves, rather than clinging to every lump, bulge, and ripple.
  • Finally, I saw something yesterday that nearly caused me to wreck the car. Let me preface this by saying that I work with women in a very artistic environment who wear what I call tube dresses over a wife-beater shirt. What I mean by this is that the dress is shaped like a tube top with an empire waist and flared skirt, paired with a simple white tank top. I have seen a few variations on the women I work with and they rock the look, which I could never pull off. Meanwhile, the woman I saw yesterday wore this style of dress over an long-sleeved oxford shirt with black hose and shiny bronze flats. HUH??? The proportions were completely off and the total effect was just plain wrong. Seriously, did she not look in a mirror before she left the house?

Ahhh…got that bit of snark of out my system and am feeling much better!

Meanwhile, the Big Kid turns 10 next week and we’re having a small get-together for a few friends, the GP’s, and my brother. We were planning to order some pizzas, but she doesn’t care to much for the pizza we had planned to order. She asked if Hubs would make the Chef Boy R Dee pizza kit instead, which I immediately vetoed (call me a snob, but I just can’t serve that to company!). Instead, I believe we’re letting the girls make their own pizzas. Cross your fingers! I’ll let you know how it turns out! In the meantime, any thoughts on toppings?

Finally, if you’re in the mood for a new website, check out Blissfully Domestic for your daily fix of all things Martha. From food to DIY to gardening, it’s all there. Plus, you can catch my alter ego writing on the home and gardening channel on all kinds of stuff – rearranging the furniture, conquering doggy odor, etc. If you venture over, leave me note on the forum, mmmmkay?

Things I’m Obsessed With…For Today, Anyway

18 06 2008


I recently discovered my love of Brocade Home and I can’t get enough of their design blog. The website is truly amazing. Certainly French-infused and definitely inspired by fashion. Here are some of the latest photos from the design blog. I’ve already printed a few and have them tacked up near my desk.

Things I want to do with my life.

1. Help Hubs find a job. Yes, it’s about the money, but it’s also about helping the guy find his place in the world and to get on the path he’s supposed to be on.

2. Raise an amazing kid. I admit it, The Baby is the most amazing and perfect child ever born. Sue me. I can only hope that she grows up to be as amazing at 30 as she is at 3.

3. Ditch the crappy clothes and become fabulous, in general, before I’m 40. ‘Nuff said.

4. Travel. How sad is it that I’ve only been to two countries other than the U.S? My list of places I want to see before I die is growing by the day!

5. Stop feeling like everyone else has a better life than I do. Again, ’nuff said!


I’m on a cooking tear. I think it’s because I want to lose weight in the least painful way possible and I’m tired of not feeling good because I don’t eat right. Yes, I mostly eat the right foods, although too much of them and I don’t make time to work out (does chasing a 3 year old count as exercise?), but I also eat a lot of processed foods because they’re convenient. Let’s face it, when I’m dead tired, it’s a lot easier to pop a Lean Pocket into my lunch bag, rather than go to the trouble of chopping veggies and making a big salad.

Really, I had the best of intentions this week. Sunday, for Fathers’ Day, I made an old favorite for Hubs:

Sweet Pepper Stew

Extra virgin olive oil (twice around the pan)

1 medium red onion, julienned


4 peppers – 1 green, 1 red, 1 yellow, and 1 orange, julienned

2 T capers

1 14 ounce can diced tomatoes (I like to use Italian seasoned)

salt and pepper to taste

In dutch oven, heat olive oil and garlic (use your judgment. I use about a clove, but some people like extra garlic). Saute onion until translucent. Add peppers and cook until soft – roughly 10 minutes. Add capers and tomatoes. Cover and simmer for about 25 minutes.

This stew is fabulous on its own as a light meal with some crusty Italian bread and a great red wine. I’ve also been known to reduce it and add broiled chicken, and serve over pasta. Next time I make this, I will probably add either andouille or chorizo and see what happens. I’d also like to add shrimp sometime, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon as Hubs hates shrimp.

Writer’s Block.

Lately, this has been a part of my life, like it or not. I’ve been trying to write something for the past day or so and the words are just not coming to me. Of course, at this point, frustration is making it that much harder. Aaaargh!

Stupid Movies.

For whatever reason, I can’t seem to get enough of Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, especially the quotes. Try to work some of these into a conversation tomorrow:

“Ouchtown, population: you, bro!”

“Pepper needs new shorts!”

“You’re about as useless as a poopy-flavored lollipop!”

“I’ve had better runs in my shorts!”

“Go, you crazy son of a bitch, gooooooooo!”

At this point, I’m working on my list of greatest stupid movies of all times. Any and all suggestions are welcome!
That’s about it for now. Here’s to a great rest of the week!

OCD and Proud of It!!!

15 04 2008

I have discovered one of the most diabolical tests EVER! It is the typing speed test and it says that touch typists should be typing at least 72 wpm, so you just know that I have been at it until I have at least achieved the typing speed I have cited in my resume. Anyway, enjoy! Just don’t blame me if you find yourself doing this at 2am, in a desperate quest to get a decent score:

Repeat after me:

Not much else going on. Had to go to the GYN today. ‘Nuff said.

Oh, and I’ve been getting Lean Cuisines lately to take to lunch, but I’ve been having a hard time opening the plastic. It’s like I can hear the containers laughing and saying, “work for it, fatty!” Either that or else there’s an issue where the packages are assembled, but, either way, I think it may be a sign to start a diet soon!

Love, Semi-Homemade Italian Style!

27 03 2008

Monday, the hubs was cleaning out the fridge and came upon some leftover stuffing. Rather than risk him throwing it out or forget about it and let it go moldy in a month or so, I decided to put it to good use. Besides, I really didn’t want to have to wrestle him to the ground again to foist the stuffing from his open mouth AGAIN! So, instead, I got creative. My recipe is adapted from a Kraft one and you’ll notice that, as usual, I don’t give quantities, so bear with me!


Bruschetta-n-Cheese Stuffed Chicken

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts

Leftover stuffing

1 can diced tomatoes, drained


Mozzerella cheese

Italian dressing

Pound chicken to 1/4″ thickness and set aside. In a separate bowl, mix together stuffing*, tomatoes, basil (I used dried basil and used about 4 shakes), and cheese (about two or three handfuls). The stuffing will be very moist and fragrant. Spoon stuffing onto chicken and roll up. Place seam side down in baking dish and drizzle with Italian dressing (the original recipe calls for Roasted Red Pepper Parmesan dressing, but, really, who keeps that in the house?). Bake for 40 min at 350. Remove chicken from over and top with additional cheese. Bake for 5 min or until cheese on top is melted and bubbly. I served with green beans and the combination was divine! PS: this is even better the second day and makes a completely drool-worthy lunch for work! I may make this for company sometime. Even the hubs, who can be a complete PITA when it comes to trying new things, really liked this!

*The original recipe says that you are to combine uncooked stuffing with the tomatoes in their liquid. I, personally, don’t like it that way as it renders the stuffing completely mushy, but if that’s what you like, then so be it!

Work has been really good lately. I’ve been busy and just happy, which is a good thing and something that, quite frankly, I had almost forgottenĀ  could even exist! The first commercial that I wrote has started airing this week, so I am totally revelling in all my geeky glory!

I was reading the NY Times online, as I do pretty much every day, and came across an article about food shopping in NYC for 99 cents. The guy challenged a chef to go to this horrible-looking discount grocery store (Jake’s, I think?) and to create meals using only the products he found there. He managed to create five meals and three desserts. Impressive, huh? I guess that goes to show that you don’t have to have all of the gourmet and organic items to do creative things in the kithen! It’s actually inspired my girls and I to head to the nearest Big Lots (Hey! Don’t laugh! They have food!) and do a similar thing. Maybe even host our own Iron Chef for Tightwads! I’ve been thinking about this all day and I think it sounds like a lot of fun! Gawd! I need to get out of the house more often!

The hubs and baby are both sick with a cold. However, the difference between the two is amazing. The baby is still running around at full strength as if she didn’t have a cold. The only difference now is that she runs even faster through the house because she doesn’t want mommy to catch her and make her blow her nose. Hubs, on the other hand, is miserable. Tired, run-down, and phlegmmy. Sexy, huh?

That’s about it for now. I need to pick things up around the house before my next commercial is on the air. Sadly, I looked at the schedule and I know exactly when my commercials are running, so I’ll be in front of the TV for the next six months like a crazy shut-in flipping from channel to channel, in hopes of catching a glimpse of my own brilliance!

In Troubled Times, I Have to Ask…

19 03 2008


Seriously, I don’t have all of the answers. When I’m troubled, I bake! For the love of God, where is my email from the Daring Bakers? I’m ready!!! Let’s dance!!!

In all seriousness, I’m in the process of helping the hubs find a job. It’s all I can think of. I keep thinking that life will be better when… and that I’ll be a better person when… I really need to stop waiting for things and just live my life!

I need a recipe!