Riddle Me This

13 01 2009


For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook or LinkedIn (shame on you!), I am now an official source of knowledge. I received a call yesterday from a reporter at msnbc.com (thanks to my pal Kelby at Type-A Mom) for a story she was writing on the dangers of using Vicks Vapo Rub on little kids. For the record, I am pro-Vicks, when used correctly. Read all about it here. While I’m thrilled to have been asked, I’m a bit disturbed and perplexed. Apparently, the national media now considers me a credible source because I have a child and a blog, never mind that I could, in theory, be some random crackpot. Ah, the power I wield just by having a vagina! Now, if only I could solve that whole women-making-78-cents-to-every-dollar-a-man-makes-for-the-same-job thing!

Since I have been out of work a whopping two weeks now, I have finally had the time to think about who I want to be and the image I want to project as a professional, which, of course, screams makeover. As a marketing maven, I prefer to refer to this as “personal branding.” However, it has finally dawned on me that as a woman, I am constantly in a state of reinvention – for a new job, new man, etc. – and, perhaps I don’t know the authentic me as well as I should. Is it possible that we all renovate ourselves on such a regular basis that we lose touch with our true selves? Did I mention that I have way too much time on my hands?

Since I have all of this free time, I have been putting it to good use – and Hubs’s waistline is reaping the benefits! I’ve been cooking quite a bit and am in the midst of deciding what I want to make tomorrow for dinner. I could go relatively healthy with a white bean-chicken chili concoction or go in a more interesting direction with mini burgers. Mind you, I’d have to bake the buns myself since I have a specific bread type in mind, plus I have limited fixins, so this could be a bit of a challenge. Any thoughts?

Finally, I’m still having trouble adding pictures to my post now that WordPress has updated their interface. Maybe it’s just my craptastic computer? What I need for this blog is a sponsor – someone who will litter my beautiful little blog with their garish
logos, but give me a really sweet new laptop in exchange for the free advertising. Any takers?


Tomorrow is Another Day

16 07 2008

So, today we had quite the financial scare, but I’m happy to report that it’s resolved for now. Luckily, it was enough of a wake-up call to shock Hubs out of the funk he’s been in and finally get his head in the game. Needless to say, we’re taking a guerilla approach to our finances, organization, and life, in general. However, things are looking up. Why? Because they have to, and that’s all there is to it.

Not that you asked, but I’m telling you now that GWTW is unequivocally the GREATEST. MOVIE. EVER.

Anything else new? Not really, but if you’d like constant updates, feel free to look me up on Twitter and become my homie. Work is good. Great, actually. And the Baby is doing great, too. She’s a genius at 3, I tell ya!

After all of this drama, I’m ready for a drink. Anyone else?

Happy 4th, Baybeez!

4 07 2008

So today is the 4th of July. We’re not really doing much of anything today due to the rain. Booooo! But that’s okay. We’re going to a cookout at Lady Clarinet’s house and the kids will run wild while the mommies hang out in the kitchen and have cocktails. Good times! Hubs is helping out the Obama campaign today, signing up people to cote, etc. I’m so proud of him! This is the kind of thing he’s wanted to do for a long time and just never got around to actually getting involved. Speaking of things to be proud of, Hubs just got hired yesterday. No details to share just yet, but he should be starting soon, so the panic is finally over. We just have to wait out this last couple of weeks of abject poverty and then we should be in an okay lace again. Phew!

Woohoo! A Long Weekend…Finally!

26 05 2008

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend is upon us and I’m ready to celebrate! No work tomorrow! Cocktails outside after the kids go to bed! Hooray! I don’t know why, but weekends are exhausting! Being on-call 24 hours to the kids is very tiring.

This weekend, I joined a walking group at church. I love the idea of being involved in a group that encourages me to get off my lazy ass and move. Just so long as I don’t become one of those mall walkers, I’m totally good with it!

The Hubs is still looking for work. Anyone know of anything that’s open? I’m starting to get really worried about being able to pay for the Baby’s school with Hubs out of work.

Cooking-wise, not a lot is going on. Dinner tonight is slow-roasted pork loin, mashed potatoes, and broccoli with cheese sauce. Yum! I’m starving already!

Work has been going great – a major project and a new-ish campaign are both demanding my full attention, so I’ve been bringing my laptop home the last few nights (not this weekend, of course), which is probably mostly to blame for my being so wiped out.

On the fashion front, Friday, I unearthed an absolutely beautiful aqua halter top that I forgot I owned, so I wore it when I went out with the girls that night and got rave reviews. I’m definitely going to have to wear it again – maybe to work with a cute little cardigan? I really need to start paying attention to my summer wardrobe. There are way too many cute things out there!

Tough Week…

16 05 2008

…and, really, I don’t know why. Hubs lost his job this week. The company let him know Monday that his assignment was over and that he was “on hold,” whatever that means. So, now, after 3 weeks of gainful employment, the hubs is looking for work again. Gaw! He just got this job!

Aside from that, it’s the week before Mr. Monthly makes an appearance and I’m all bloated and miserable. I’m tired of being tired and poor all the time. I miss being able to go out for dinner or to go shopping. Can I just say that being an adult sucks sometimes?

Work has been a little slow lately, so I’m going through another round of paranoia. I hate my clothes and my hair. And I have to poop, but can’t. Gawwwwwwww!