Next Stop on the Luxury Dining Tour

9 09 2009

Sushi Platter

If you’re a fan of upscale dining that features local specialties and the freshest possible seasonal ingredients, then M at Miranova is soon to become your new favorite restaurant. I was one of a privileged group that got to experience the new menu at M. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it, right?

The Columbus Twitterati enjoy the private dining room at M

The Columbus Twitterati enjoy the private dining room at M

The seating at M is truly unique. In addition to the elegant dining room, M also has two private dining options: an enclosed private dining room, which can seat up to 15, and the semi-private Barrel Room, which seats up to 8. M also boasts the most romantic table in the city: a circular booth that is surrounded by a canopy and has its own chandelier.

Kristen Luff

GM Kristen Leff explained what sets M apart from other restaurants in the city, such as world class service, fresh, regional ingredients, and a diverse array of appetizer, salad, and entree selections. The new menu is the work of Executive Chef (and Columbus State grad) Erin Chittum, who has infused the new menu with her personality and fresh tastes, as well as a variety of cooking styles and preparations.

After hearing all of that, we were ready to eat. First, we started with the Wasabi sushi ($10), which is hand-rolled tuna, salmon, avacado, cucumber, and wasabi peas.


This was simply incredible – fresh and crunchy with just the right amout of heat.

Followed by Tuna Tartare ($13), which is Hawaiian Big Island tuna, topped with pickled cucmber, accompanied by yuzu vinaigrette, wasabi tobiko, white miso aioli, and garnished with a tempura shittake mushroom. As you can see, it was a big hit with the group.
Empty Platter

Next came the salad course.

The Green Salad ($8) is comprised of organic little gem lettuce, roquefort cheese, creamy bleu cheese dressing, and topped with candied pistachios.

The star of the new menu is the White Tuna entree ($27).


This tuna fillet is dusted with porcini mushroom, and comes with spring peas and wild mushrooms, and is served atop a lobster emulsion. This dish is amazing and, quite possible, my favorite item – the flavors perfectly meld with each other and are bold, rich, and satisfying.

Then there is the ultimate indulgence…

Steak and Eggs

The Steak and Eggs ($34), is Fillet Mignon, served with goat cheese hasbrowns and a dippy egg, topped with caviar and bernaise sauce. Don’t know what a dippy egg is? That’s okay, I didn’t either. It’s a sunny-side-up quail egg, in this case. I could see ordering this dish for a special brunch when I have an occasion to celebrate. This dish is hearty and the beef is beyond top notch. It virtually melts in your mouth.

We also sampled some of M’s famous side dishes. The Tater Tots ($7) are vastly different from the bag of tots I have in my freezer – light and airy with a touch of lobster meat. Chophouse Corn ($7) is a must, especially if you’re a lover of firehouse foods. It’s fried in Neuski bacon and it’s amazing. Truffle Mac and Cheese ($8) is the ultimate comfort food – it’s rich and creamy, and lightly topped with truffle oil. Finally, we had the Lobster Mashed Potatoes, which defy description. You just have to experience them.

Menu Grade: A+

Upcoming Events
Happy Hour. Starting October 1st, M is offering $5 after 5, featuring selected wines by the glass and martinis for $5. Friday happy hours will also include half-priced sushi.

Wine Enthusiast Thursday. Wine lovers will be able to enjoy half off of all bottles of wine priced at $100 or less. M’s wine list is not to be missed – it’s an award-winning list that features selections from around the world.

Holiday Luncheons. M is not generally open for lunch, however the restaurant is available for holiday luncheons during the month of December. Make your reservations now.




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