Goodbye, Old Friend

12 08 2009


Just yesterday, I finally got around to posting my TasteCasting review of Morton’s bar bites. That will teach me to be a lazy-ass. 614 Magazine broke the news today on twitter that Morton’s has shuttered their downtown Columbus location, which strikes me as odd – I was just there and business seemed to be thriving. I don’t think the employees had much notice, either – our host for the evening mentioned that they were about to open a patio, she also mentioned a scotch tasting they were holding next month, plus they had just debuted bar bites. I have fond memories of the place and spent many happy hours in their dining room with former colleagues and clients, so it makes me sad to see Morton’s close, despite the fact that I couldn’t have ever afforded to dine there as a paying customer. Le sigh!

Meanwhile, bunnies have ravaged my beloved garden and turned it into their personal salad bar. Needless to say, I can’t pass by the Big Kid’s room without flipping off her rabbits. Childish, I know!

On the career front, things are looking up. I have a new client, as well as a meeting (purpose TBD) Monday, so I’m hoping that a job will be forthcoming. Unemployment is such a buzzkill.




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