Monster Mash?

19 10 2008

We just got an invitation from our neighbor, Ray, to come to their Halloween party next weekend, so now I’m all atizzy. The invite says to come dressed outrageously. Hmmm… What, exactly constitutes outrageous? What will mix well with 300 pound gay men in tutus? Anyone have any costume suggestions?
Speaking of costumes, next Friday is the annual Halloween party at my church that I help plan every year. So, I’m also in search of an appropriate costume for that, as well.

If nothing else, all of this is a welcome reprieve from the cold that’s taken over my body this weekend. Ugh! I’ve spent so much time on the couch this weekend, it’s a wonder I don’t have bed sores! Hopefully, I’ll get in some quality time with my garden this week. The fall veggies are doing well, but I’m worried about them dying from frost before the broccoli has a chance to develop into heads. Did I wait too long to plant them or is the frost coming a lot faster than I remember it coming in years past?

And work this week promises to be crazy, which I’m looking forward to! We’re shooting a commercial that my boss has pretty much pinned our entire 4th quarter on. No pressure, or anything!




One response

20 10 2008

Being married to a nurse and knowing many nurses, you can’t go wrong with a good ‘sexy nurse’ costume, for two reasons 1) It is so far from reality that it is funny and 2) It would make a good ‘Nurse Ratchet’ to the craziness that this party you mentioned might entail. Oh, and nice visual on the bears in spandex—I might have to google some ‘sexy nurses’ for some eye bleach — just sayin’

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