Mommy Hell

6 08 2008

Tonight, after a very full day at work, I experienced what can only be described as…well, there is no word or clever phrase for what I experienced, so let me just explain. The Baby, the love of my life, my sweet and precious angel, turned into the demon spawn before my very eyes. It all started when I picked her up at school. She went from sweet to Miss Sassypants in about 10 seconds. From there, she said no to every request I made of her, hit me and two of her teachers, and ran from me every time I said it was time to go. Then, she wouldn’t get into her car seat. Literally, it was like she was in protest. I would put her in her seat and she would either arch her back and refuse to be buckled in or she would crawl across the seat to her sister’s seat or, the worse of all, she would get halfway under the front passenger seat. We finally made it to the grocery store, after she chucked her book at my head while I was driving, where she proceeded into full frontal meltdown mode because she wanted cranberry juice that very minute. A.) I didn’t have enough cash on me and did not want to put one more transaction on my card and B.) I was not about to give in to a tantrum. So, off we went to the car, where she reverted back into the I’m-not-getting-into-my-car seat dance accompanied by screaming over lost cranberry juice and copious amounts of tears. I tried to hold her and comfort her, but to no avail. I begged, pleaded, and cajoled, which only seemed to make matters worse. At this point, I was standing in the parking lot next to my car while she laid across the seat screaming. Note that I did not yell or spank, however, other moms passed by, giving me a look like I’m an ax murderer or child abuser and most likely secretly thanking God or Allah that they were not the ones who had to deal with this. No one offered any words of advice or comfort. They only gave me the judgmental you-must-be-the-worst-mother-ever look. as my child is screaming, “I want cranberry juice!” Maybe I should have just gotten the juice to end the tantrum? Eventually, she did get into her seat and we made it home. Her mood immediately changed once she saw Daddy. Naturally.
Thankfully, my mood is much better now. Of course, I also have a big glass of merlot in front of me now that she’s in bed, so that may have something to do with it!




2 responses

6 08 2008

I’m so sorry! I hope tomorrow goes better for you. Usually when I pass someone in that situation, I first pity the poor mom, and second I thank God that I only have a dog 😉

9 08 2008

Hey, WordPress and Twitter friend. Nice to see your work, and learn about your world. Loved the post re: seeds for fall crops. Thanks for connecting.

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