Taunted By My Lunch

29 07 2008

Today, Hubs got me a piece of cracktastic ecstacy known as a Lean Cuisine flatbread melt thingie for lunch (and potato chips to go with it, but we won’t go there!). So I was looking forward to it all morning. When lunch rolled around, I grabbed my little box out of the freezer, ripped and rolled back, per the directions. But when it came time to break the damned thing out of the plastic, it just wasn’t happening. Seriously, I could hear it snickering, “work for it, fatty!” That’s why they call it Lean Cuisine – you can’t open it, hence the lean part because there is no cuisine happening if you can’t break the f*cker out of the package! For the record, I love these things, although my last experience wasn’t so great – another “yeah, right, you’re going to open this” experience followed by boiling-lava-hot bleu cheese sauce dripping down the front of my black blouse and staining it a la Monica Lewinsky. I’m pretty sure my lunch laughed at me that day with a hearty, “neener, neener, neener!” I should have known better!

Hubs is still having issues. He hates his job and is getting sucked into the mentality of how hopeless it is and that he’s never going to do any better. I try to buoy him, but it’s not working. Does anyone else have a depressed spouse/SO? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Last night, he accused me (after having stood up for myself and telling him that I was not going along with another one of his harebrained schemes he only comes up with in a fit of desperation, of wanting to leave him. Where did that come from? I’m pretty sure those words never escaped my lips! And just because he came up with it, that doesn’t make it a good idea!




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31 07 2008

Men always have issues which is why women always need tissues! Can’t live with ’em….can’t live with ’em….I chose not to. My husband and I are seperated – happily for 6 years. We get along so much better now. When people see us out together they swear we are married. Ha! If you want to make sure your husband never leaves you don’t make the mistake of telling him he’ll never get the kids in the divorce. Tell him this: If you ever leave me YOU’RE taking the kids with you! He’ll be scared straight. As for the job issues, it could be worse. He could be unemployed which would mean he’d have nothing legitimate to bitch about. A lousy job still beats a sharp stick in the eye! (I speak from experience) Better days are just around the corner. Take ❤

31 07 2008

LOL! Nobody’s leaving anybody! He suffers from major depression, which occasionally leads to bouts of paranoia, but, overall, we’re doing fine. Just going through a rough patch!

1 08 2008

Forgive my sarcasim. It’s just one more service I offer. Depression is no laughing matter. I speak from experience regarding that as well. Sometimes it’s tough to be patient with someone who suffers from it but it’s the kindest thing we can do for them. They don’t ‘want’ to feel that way and it’s no fun for them. I hope things look up – soon. :o)

1 08 2008

Are you somehow blogging about my life? do you know my hubby? Really, I think we may be in parallel universe’s or something. I can completely understand the smoking thing. I did finally quit but last night after some wine and an lovely friends annoying spouse at dinner I was tempted to stop any random person on the street and ask for a smoke just to regain my sanity.
Hubby talked me down, but it took some doing.

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