I’m Not Gonna Lie to Ya…

22 07 2008

I’m in hell, I truly am. I have now been smoke-free for almost 48 hours and I’m not liking it very much. Yes, it’s better for me, blah, blah, blah, but, quite frankly, I’m about ready to french kiss some random stranger who’s standing on a street corner smoking so I can suck the smoke out of their lungs. Fun, huh? I keep trying to remind myself that I did not quit smoking (sounds like I’m forbidden to smoke and that’s no good!), but that I choose not to smoke (much more empowering that way!).

Yesterday, the cravings were short, frequent, and intense. Today, there are fewer of them, but they’re longer and even more intense. Supposedly, tomorrow is the worst of it, but once I’ve made it 72 hours, all of the nicotine is out of my system and the worst is behind me. We’ll see. I’d really love to be done with smoking. It’s just not as cool as it once was, you know? People now look at smokers with disgust as they cough and wheeze. Plus, it’s expensive and smokers just aren’t the best-smelling people in the world as they flaunt their basic disregard of common sense when it comes to their health. Maybe I should become one of those self-righteous non-smokers. That would be cool! Seriously, it wouldn’t suck to succeed at something difficult and be proud of myself, right?

In other news, I’m trying to make sense of one of the interns who just did not want to do what we asked him to. He whined and made every possible excuse why he couldn’t do it, until we finally gave up and told him to forget it. I really don’t get it. When I interned, I did everything my boss asked me to because it was a connection to my field and I wanted that person to one day give me a job (he did). It’s just what you do. It’s called paying your dues, so what gives?

Not much else today, but I am trying to decide on a haircut. My hair is way too long and I can’t do anything with it. Besides, I can use what was my cigarette money for a trip to the salon and Hubs can’t give me any crap about it! Think I can also squeeze in a manicure? Think of the money I’m saving! I think I may use that same line of logic and save up for a nice Coach purse in a few months. Wish me luck on that! I deserve it! This purse and I are meant to be together!




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