Still Trying to Come Down

16 06 2008

Had an absolutely AMAZING meeting with a client on Friday. Both parties left smiling, which is always good news. Louie, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I still can’t believe people are willing to pay for my whacked-out ideas. To each, his own, I guess!

We had storms last night, which took out our power. So, last night, between Hubs bitching about my waking him up (hey, I only told him that the power was out and that the flashlight was on my dresser, in case he needed it) and the Baby waking up with nightmares and a full bladder in a completely dark room, it was an exhausting night. Needless to say, coffee has never tasted as good as it did this morning. Then again, it was an odd morning. I had to get ready in the dark (with the exception of going out to the back step to put on my makeup) and then guide a sleepy 3 year old through a dark house and attempt to get her ready for school (Hubs worked this morning, so I was totally on my own).

So, back to the coffee… In a state of major news withdrawl – I admit that I watch Today every morning, but to miss it to the point where I’m lost without it makes me sad, but I digress – we finally made it to the car and headed off to work and school. After muttering, “mommy needs coffee” a few times, I decided to stop by White Castle for a cup of their famous coffee along the way. Totally overrated coffee! Just once, could something pleeeeeeeeeease live up to the hype?




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