Just Call Me Milton!

6 06 2008

So, I went through with it today and moved my desk to the basement/dungeon. Yike! It’s dark and cold down there, but, thankfully, it’s only a temporary move. In about a month, I get to go back upstairs where there are windows. Woohoo! Meanwhile, I’m tucked away in a dark corner with a bunch of boxes, bumping into things and banging my knees on the wall in front of me.

Great feedback today on the work I took home last night. Phew! I took some risks, but they seem to be paying off. Hopefully, the client feels the same way.

Hubs is still sick. Seriously, the flu is kicking his ass this week. In fact, we may not see SD before she heads off to Florida for a month because Hubs is worried he’ll expose her to the flu and she’ll be sick while on vacation.

My allergies are positively raging with the humidity we’ve been having. I’m constantly sneezing, sniffling, and coughing, plus I have a sore throat from all of that, plus the AC dries everything up. Gawd! I’m just never happy, am I?

Speaking of never being happy, I hate my clothes! I hate summer, anyway, but I have absolutely no cute clothes for the season and no money to shop! Waaaaaaaaaaaah! Anyone have any suggestions of something to wear to work? My office is casual and kind of on the hippie side, which is totally not my style!

Oh, well. At least I’m cooking tomorrow. I’m actually going with an old favorite – a roasted chicken as Hubs has been eating nothing but hamburgers and cupcakes the last couple of days. And he wonders why he feels so sluggish lately?!




One response

7 06 2008

I’ve been all sick and allergy ridden too! Sucks!

Hope they like the copy … hard being a copywriter, huh? Takes some getting used to, this blog will help – just writing more and more helps.

Go to Second Chance in Grandview – it’s awesome – great second hand clothes.

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