Are We There Yet???

4 06 2008

Hubs has now been unemployed for exactly one month and the stress is starting to get to us. He’s getting defensive and starting to project his feelings about himself on me, while I’m just getting angrier and more resentful. Seriously, why does it have to be this hard? Other people seem to manage just fine and we always seem to have one drama or another on our plate. Why?

The Baby is finally feeling better. She went back to school today for the first time in about a week. She was sent home last Thursday with a fever of 104. Luckily, we were able to get her fever down quickly, but it seemed to hang on and she has this terrible cough, which is gradually getting better. She was so happy to be back at school today with her friends. I really think she was so whiny the past few days because she was bored and sick of being cooped up in the house.

Also, the Baby turned 3 yesterday, which I still can’t believe. I still remember the night she was born like it was yesterday. It’s so hard for me to accept that the sweet baby I nearly died giving birth to is now an independent preschooler who thinks nothing of refusing my hugs and kisses, but still loves to curl up in bed with me.

Work is still crazy, but in a good way. I have a major campaign in the works, as well as 1 definite and 1 possible project I’m leading the creative on, in addition to an internal marketing campaign. I swear, when it rains, it pours!

Speaking of rain, we’ve had storms for the past 24 hours and this morning was so awful, it was hilarious. I had to put gas in the car this morning and buy cookies to send with the Baby for her class (more on that in a minute). I went to the Giant Eagle down the street, thinking I could get the cookies at the Get Go. No such luck. Torrential downpours ensued, so I was running through the Giant Eagle parking lot with an umbrella and my crying 3 year old (who is terrified of storms, wind, and rain, thus the trifecta of terror in her mind), wearing white jeans, which had managed to plaster themselves to my thighs because of the rain. The store employees looked at me like I was a crazy person.

So, the cookies. In between blackouts last night (summer in my neighborhood means blackouts for absolutely no reason, usually), I attempted to bake 2 dozen cupcakes for the Baby’s class in honor of her birthday (yep, I’m that mom!). I had the first dozen cooling while the second dozen was baking. The dogs were asleep, or so I thought. Nope! The Golden snuck into the kitchen and scarfed down NINE cupcakes and their wrappers, took a bite out of one, and may have licked the remaining two. Had the cupcakes survived, here is what they might have looked like:

I hope the little bastard had one hell of a stomachache! Please note that I used paper liners and not the foil ones!

And, to top it all off, I think I just saw a drunk 16 year old girl weaving on my neighbor’s porch. This day just keeps getting better!




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