Tough Week…

16 05 2008

…and, really, I don’t know why. Hubs lost his job this week. The company let him know Monday that his assignment was over and that he was “on hold,” whatever that means. So, now, after 3 weeks of gainful employment, the hubs is looking for work again. Gaw! He just got this job!

Aside from that, it’s the week before Mr. Monthly makes an appearance and I’m all bloated and miserable. I’m tired of being tired and poor all the time. I miss being able to go out for dinner or to go shopping. Can I just say that being an adult sucks sometimes?

Work has been a little slow lately, so I’m going through another round of paranoia. I hate my clothes and my hair. And I have to poop, but can’t. Gawwwwwwww!




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