OCD and Proud of It!!!

15 04 2008

I have discovered one of the most diabolical tests EVER! It is the typing speed test and it says that touch typists should be typing at least 72 wpm, so you just know that I have been at it until I have at least achieved the typing speed I have cited in my resume. Anyway, enjoy! Just don’t blame me if you find yourself doing this at 2am, in a desperate quest to get a decent score:


Repeat after me:

Not much else going on. Had to go to the GYN today. ‘Nuff said.

Oh, and I’ve been getting Lean Cuisines lately to take to lunch, but I’ve been having a hard time opening the plastic. It’s like I can hear the containers laughing and saying, “work for it, fatty!” Either that or else there’s an issue where the packages are assembled, but, either way, I think it may be a sign to start a diet soon!




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