Let the Games Begin!

8 04 2008

Yep, it’s that time of year. The lesbian neighbors have dragged out their cornhole boards and have already held the first tournament, so chances are good that if you’re gay and like beer and/or cornhole, you’ve probably partied in my backyard. Holla! (oh, that didn’t sound right, did it?)

Speaking of things that don’t sound right, I was in one of the kids’ rooms yesterday, mopping and I look over toward the bunny cage and saw the strangest thing (allow me to give some background. Our bunnies are gay. As in there needs to be a disco ball hanging in their cage. Yes, they’re that gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with it). Now, I have seen the two of them humping each other in every way possible for two furry rodents in a small cage, but I was not at all prepared to see the one bunny humping the beejeezus out of the ball they have in their cage. And when I say humping, I don’t mean a gentle nudge. I mean he was makin’ sweet bunny-lovin’ to the thing! I was so stunned by what I saw that I had to hurry out of the room and make several phone calls!

It is spring, right?




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