Beef Equals World Peace

16 03 2008

So cute and yet so tasty…

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: the world would be a much happier place if everyone had equal access to beef. Why? ‘Cause everyone would be in too much of a food coma to be angry, war-like, or genocidal. But it can’t be just any beef. It can’t be the crap they pass off as burgers at Mickey D’s. I mean BEEF-as in roast or steaks or whatever moves you. No one who has ever had my beef roast has left our house in anything less than a stupor-like state. It’s the easiest recipe, too–I marinate in Italian dressing (I usually use zesty Italian, but I’ve been on a balsamic vinaigrette kick lately), horseradish, and rosemary and then slow roast at 375 for about an hour or so, depending on the size of the roast and your desired level of done-ness. For me, the roast has to moo, or it’s no good, but that’s just me!

Speaking of the roast, I made yet another one tonight and it looked a lot more done than I like it to be, which led to a massive come-on-you-know-you’re better-than-that moment in the kitchen as the kids were bellowing from the other room that they were starving. Luckily, it was still plenty pink in the middle, so my moment vanished pretty quickly once the hubs poured me a glass of wine to go with dinner.

Today, I headed up my church’s Easter Egg hunt and, quite frankly, it nearly ended in a homicide. Last night, I spent considerable time with my fellow mommy friends setting things up and hiding eggs so that everything would be ready to roll this morning. So we got there today and there was this woman hanging out with her kids in the room where the hunt was to take place. No big deal, right? Ha! I came back to the room to check on things before the hunt was to start and she had let the kids dismantle and rearrange everything we had worked so hard to prepare. I was so mad that I, literally, had to walk away and send in one of my friends to contain the damage. The hunt itself, however, went off without a hitch – little people were everywhere, flinging themselves under furniture and squeezing themselves into remote corners in an orgiastic frenzy, all in the pursuit of the elusive golden egg.

What’s on the agenda for tonight? Not a whole lot, but I am in pursuit of the ultimate blueberry muffin recipe. I don’t want the crap from a box or the recipe from the BH&G cookbook that everyone and their grandmas have been making since 1940-something. I want the Ultimate Recipe. Something so unbelievably moist and tasty with maybe a hint of lemon zest? I may have to call in the experts. Stay tuned!