Luck o’the Irish?

18 03 2008

So today is St. Patrick’s Day which, quite frankly, means a whole lotta nothing to me. Of course, that could be because I’m just in a snarky mood today. Snarky because there’s not much going on today at work (at least not in my portion of the world, but my co-workers seem quite busy since there are a couple of people out) and also because the hubs is trying to solve yet another one of our financial crises and he’s none-too-thrilled with my being stressed out about it.

Come to think of it, I haven’t actually celebrated St. Patty’s Day in a while. I went the extra mile last year and cooked a pre-seasoned corned beef brisket (Lay off, foodies! I didn’t have time last year to season and marinate it myself!), but it was the saltiest, nastiest thing ever. The only other St. Patty’s Day celebration I remember going to was some drunkfest at a bar where they rented out tents and made it an all-day affair. If I remember correctly, we got there early and left before the projectile vomiting started, which was probably just as well.

Seriously, anyone else look at St. Patty’s Day as an amped-up version of New Year’s Eve. You know, where you’re a total loser if you don’r do anything to celebrate, despite the fact you don’t want to share precious oxygen by hanging out with these morons, let alone share the roads with them? Good, it’s not just me, then!




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